All Black Model Issue
March 1st 2020

This issue was received so well in 2018, so we are doing another. Time to shine more light on our fellow Black and beautiful models ! This issue is open to both female and male editorial submissions. Be sure to read fashion and beauty editorial requirements below to ensure the best outcome for your submission. To see more ideas on what we like and are looking for, also visit our Pinterest Board :)

DEADLINE for Submissions is January 1st


Cole Magazine publishes two issues each year. One featuring fashion, the other
featuring nudes and each separate issue has a clearly defined theme. The submission
period for each are different. Please submit material for each only during the
relevant submission period and be sure to have read the guidelines and studied the
themes to ensure that your submission meets our requirements.




if they were/are already posted on the internet for our print issues.
We are only accepting unpublished work !

– You must be the copyright owner of the submitted images.

– If your images are accepted by COLE Magazine to be published in an upcoming issue,
you may not publish them online before us.

– For ’The Nudes’ yearly issue. Women editorials only.  Your entire editorial does not need to be topless/nude,
but majority of the images in your editorial will need to feature topless/nude imagery.

Send submissions to:



– Submissions should not have already been published in another magazines print or web issues, but is ok if you have published the the images on your website.

– You must be the copyright owner of the submitted images.

– In your email to us, please state that you are submitting your editorial for our ‘Online Editorial’ area.

– We accept fashion, beauty and nude editorials for our online editorials.
Keep the nudes classy and tastefully done.

Send submissions to:



– 6-8 images for beauty editorials

– 8-15 images for fashion & fashion nude editorials

– Resolution : 72 Dpi minimum to submit,
but we will require 300 dpi for publishing if accepted.

– Acceptable File Formats :
jpg or pdf are fine. Links to images in a Dropbox, Google Drive or other albums, is also fine.
No wetransfer zip folders or any other type of zip folders for reviewing your editorial !!

– Title of Editorial

Send submissions to:



– We will be accepting videos, fashion films, behind the scenes, etc….
We love BTS clips, fashion films and videos.
If your submission is accepted, your BTS or Fashion
film content will be shared on the Cole Magazine website.
Or, if you shot a fashion film and are looking for a place to showcase it, feel free to submit it to us.

Send submissions to:



We are always seeking talented writers for our magazine as well as for our online website and blog. Whether it’s a personal article or an interview with another talented artist, designer, etc.

– Format type: .doc
– Article Name
– Minimum of 300 words

Send to:




– We will only provide pull letters for commissioned shoots.

– However, if you have a shoot idea or story line you feel we may be interested in and will need a pull letter for, please contact us with your contact info and stylists contact info and tell us a little bit about your idea.

– **Note that upon gaining a pull letter, it still does not guarantee the publishing of your editorial.

Send to:



– Do photographer contributors get a free copy of the magazine?
Photographers who are accepted into an issue, do receive a complimentary copy from us.
We are happy you chose Cole to display your fabulous imagery !!
*Please Note* Models and Teams do not receive a free physical print copy.
You do receive a Digital copy and tear sheets provided to the Photographer.

– How many issues are there per year?
As of 2016 there are 2 issue per year.

– How long until I know if my editorial was accepted?
Generally between 1-2 weeks. We do try to respond to everyone,
but if we happen to miss you and you have not heard from us
within 2 weeks, your editorial was not accepted.

– Do you pay for editorials?
Generally all submissions received are not paid for, however,
if you have an editorial that fits our upcoming theme, and would
like to show it to us for possible purchasing, feel free to email us
on our submissions email.

– Why was my editorial not accepted?
Here are a few reasons that your editorial was not accepted.
1. Does not fit our theme
2. Does not fit the overall  style of COLE
3. The retouching is not to our taste
4. The quality is not yet of the standard for COLE
5. There is not enough variety in the looks/outfits to do a multiple page feature